Crack that Whip!

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Loaded yet? Good. I'm usually loaded when I write these things, so you may as well be loaded when you read it. But what about the page, has that loaded yet? Even better.

When I first saw Whiplash, two thoughts went through my head. First, the sculpt absolutely rocked. Second, what the heck had they done to him in China to make him look so silly? I mean, c'mon, neon green and a sloppy sprayjob that didn't even go where it was supposed to on his chest? Ecch.

But I knew I had to add him to my Masters collection, and of course that would entail a repaint. The main reason I went with the dragon color scheme over the original greens was that I've got a Godzilla model kit in my closet, and didn't want to get bored by having to repeat the same reptilian-green scheme later on. Plus, I've already got a green Beast Man and Merman.

Whiplash is currently the most paint-intensive of any of my Masters, having been first basecoated with brown, washed with blue, then black, then drybrushed with red, then sealed, then airbrushed with the black gradient you see on his shoulders. I hit the raised parts with dullcoat, so in addition to fading from black to red he also fades from flat to matte. Krylon Triple Thick on the talons.

I was going for a dusty look on the weapon, but that didn't come out as clear as I would have liked. Oh well.