Slaphappy North goes 60's retro with
Wade A. Minut
A Weird-Oh from Hawk Model Co.

If I remember one thing about the sixties...

...Actually, I was born in 1978, so scratch that. But if there's one thing I baselessly assume about the sixties, it's that everybody was soooooo happy when all the goddam dope-smoking communist hippies froze to death at Woodstock.

Fortunatly, though, we are left with certain artifacts from the time of the hippies. These artifacts include such things as birth control, lava lamps, and plastic model kits. Wade A. Minut is one such kit. I picked him up at the 2005 WonderFest, one of a small run of about 200 repops somebody had negotiated with Testors. There are supposed to be more on the way, but we'll see.


The Wade kit really didn't look much like the artwork that came with him, so I had to modify him to capture that essence. The kit was way too smooth; the artwork was bristly, with lots of linework. I replaced the kit's teeth, and sculpted him a new brow, eyes, and mouth lining. Had to sand off the jacket pockets and move them to the front of the kit. I also cut up and resculpted the left hand, and the tongue. His hair is made from faux fur (I skinned the faux myself, and boy did it put up a fight). The fur was glued in glace with CA, and then I brushed it with some 50/50 Elmer's School Glue and water. This gave him a cow-lick, bristled hair style. I cut small bristles from the fur and glued this to the arms to make him nice and hairy. I used hands from an old watch for Wade's timepiece, and springs from a pen. His nameplate is printed on inkjet canvas paper, and there's Woodland scenics Static grass and field grass on the base.