Something is happening that has not happened for an age. The Ents are going to war.
---Treebeard, The Two Towers

This is my entry for the Lord of the Rings figure custimization contest over at the Custom Dungeon Forums . I've really only been lurking there a bit, but they give away free stuff so I like 'em.

I had been wanting to do Treebeard since I saw Two Towers, but the only figure I knew of was the two-footer and I didn't even want to think about making something that big into a display piece. Fortunately I happened upon this smaller 8-inch figure that I didn't know about, and he was much more suitable for my purposes. A sale on Woodland Scenics landscaping supplies came up at Hobby Lobby at about the same time, and this gave me a wicked idea for how to detail Treebeard.

I originally wanted to do a diorama scene with many Ents attacking Isengard, but realized that the tower would have had to have been about four feet tall to be in scale. I settled on a much smaller forest scene, which, while not as grand, still suits the piece.

How'd I do dat: I cut off all the figure's seams, glued the small joints and put screws through the bigger ones. I also noticed that the figure's face didn't much look like my reference material, so I chopped it off and sculpted him a new one. I filled all the joints with wood putty (natch). The rubber beard and mustache had to go, and were replaced with painted straw and polyfiber. The small leafy branches were seriously out of scale so I removed them all and replaced them with lichen. I painted over the glossy, bright green moss, and used a mixture of three different types of turf over my paintjob for a more realistic look. The base is made of sculpey, aluminum foil, and plumbers putty with a mirror imbedded for the nameplate. Ground cover includes an artificial tree, lots of clump foliage, leaves from an artificial plant, and more poly-fiber to blend it and give it an old forest look. The logo was printed out on clear adhesive paper with my computer, but I thought it added a nice bit of contrast if I left the backing on and simply glued it to the nameplate.