God said to Satan "Dude I'm sick of waiting.
In order to win: Chuck, you've got to hang ten."
It was totally rocking.
Things were looking rad, oh yeah, for the forces of bad. Alright.
Satan went surfing. He didn't need a board.
He could not hang ten. He could only hang four.
Satan had a problem. He could not compete.
Satan was hindered by his cloven feet.
It was totally rocking. Go go Satan go!

---Mono Puff, "The Devil Went Down to Newport"

In my time as a modeller, I've destroyed several more plastic kits than I've actually completed, so I'm pretty happy with the way this one came out. From the moment I first saw the Surfite in Modeller's Resource, I knew I had to have one. The kit is pure 60's camp.

I get a kick out of involved dioramas, but this one was tricky due to it's small scale. Miniature magazines or text is one of my favorite props, but at 1/25th scale you start to lose detail as images blend together.

I spent about two hours making these tiny little drawers, but they're my favorite part of the whole piece. I cut them out of cloth, set the cloth with superglue, made the band from a ruber band, and glued on a thick wound thread to make the stitching around the seams. After paints, I hung them on the line with CA.

The car seat was a leftover from an old kit I never finished. I melted the tears with a soldering iron and then mounted small pieces of spring with CA. I exagerated the scale a bit on the springs just for effect. Next to the seat you see a couple of old 60's comic books. Yup, that's an ad for Sea Monkeys on the one on the right.


More comics, some new ones the beatnik just got at the store, are visible here on the hood. He also picked himself up a model kit to work on: his very own Surfite kit. I think that would be 1/625 scale (1/25 * 1/25). I screwed up on the bumper stickers, though, cause I printed them on paper instead of waterslide decal paper. They are way too thick for the scale, but I'll know better next time.

The wall of seashells was added... well, I'm really not sure why I added all those seashells. But aren't they pretty?