Stratos was, far and away, the toughest of the new MOTU figures to deal with. First, he's got that horrible articulation at the elbows with the giant friggin' bolts sticking out. And lets not forget the circles they cut into the sculpt so that silly action feature would work. One of the major draws of painting this line is the fact that the articulation is generally unobtrusive and they're ready to paint right out of the bubble. Unfortunately, this one took a little extra work.

The color scheme was a little hard to settle on, too. My original take was a black gorilla-like appearance, but that didn't work out the way I thought it would, so I came back and re-did him in the flying monkey (Wizard of Oz) colors. I suspect that the Wizard of Oz may have been the original inspiration for the character anyway.

The arm wings made him too clunky, so now they're gone. The extra feathers are repainted foliage from the Danger Girl 3-figure set's base.