Oops! There goes some of me again!
---Scarecrow, The Wizard of Oz

A lot of the action figure collectors I know say that McFarlane doesn't make toys but models. Well, after getting down into the nitty gritty with The Twisted Land of Oz figures, I can attest they are definitely not models, but with a good deal of effort they can be made to pass as such.

To my eye, the Scarecrow here had the worst production values of any of the TLOO figs and I probably wouldn't have bought him if I hadn't caught him on sale. That would have been a shame, too, because the sculpt is great. In order to fix him, I pulled him apart and cut out all the straw because it was out of scale. Removed the head piece that was obscuring the face. I gave him a paintjob that met my standards (Factory paints suck. Rust is NOT glossy orange, dammit!), replaced the straw with material from a mini-broom, mounted him to a base. The eyeball thing was a late idea that seemed too cruel not to do. I wish he were a little bigger so I could have gotten a clearer picture of that, but oh well.