Now and then we had a hope that if we lived and were good,
God would permit us to be pirates.
+++++++++ ---Mark Twain, Life on the Mississippi


(By Virtue of Being the Only One Entered in its Category)

I was going for the feel of the Aurora monster rods (particularly Dracula's Dragster) with this build, and thought a ghost pirate would be a pretty cool subject for Super Deform Style. When the Clubhouse Contest rolled around, I entered it in the Custom Garage Kit Category. Alas, no other entries, so a win by default.

To build it, I kitbashed a shifter knob/pirate head from Jimmy Flintstone, AMT Jolly Rodger (obviously), bones from PL/Aurora Monster Customizing Kit, rat from Revell/Aurora Wolf-man, rear tires from hot rod toy, pieces from a 57 Chevy funnycar kit, little resin skull from somebody at my first Wonderfest, a bottle shaped magnet, a sword-shaped olive toothpick, and sculpted the figure's body out of Aves. Oh, and a popsickle stick.