The challenge: Take a comic relief wacky sidekick from an awful 80's cartoon series, dressed in a red shirt and with big yellow cartoon eyes no less, and turn him into something cool.

So, Mattel took us halfway on this one, really. The Orko figure is racked with problems keeping him from being all he can be. First, he's almost entirely composed of crappy vinyl. Ever try to remove a mold line from this stuff? It's just not possible. Secondly, he's got like zero paint on him, and what he does have is lackluster. Third, the pole jammed up his middle isn't the most subtle thing in the world...

BUT, even with all that, I still wanted to take a crack at improving him. The basic color was changed to blue, the folds of his garb airbrushed with shadow. Since Orko is kinda there but not there, I thought I would expand the blacked out features of his face to the rest of his body. Hit that with a little silver to suggest that he's composed of some sort of etherial anti-matter, and then put a bloody knife in his hand. I figured if Skeletor is what a wizard looks like, Orko was really more of a wraith-like thing that stabs people in their sleep with a kitchen knife. Or something.

The eyes were the most important change, and are painted to emulate my cat's eyes.