I don't want to be one of those things.
Walking around without a soul.

---Rain, Resident Evil

Nemesis, super pissed-off mega-zombie from Resident Evil 3 (or Biohazard in Japan, but screw them anyway) is one of the few video game characters who can make you say "OH CRAP" and truly mean it. He really hates you, and you kind of get that throughout the game as he just keeps jumping out and trying to kill your sorry ass.

The visuals in RE3 are just about perfect in the way that they create a city in ruin, and I wanted my Nemesis to be standing in a little piece of that. To that end, I put lots of clutter on the base. The broken hydrant was scaled back from my original idea of a geyser-style explosion when I realized the plume of water would end up being over three feet tall in 1/8th scale. That would have been sweet, but just too hard to move around, so I went with the spray approach.

Will you take the green herb?