Slap Happy North is proud to present
His second piece of original sculpture
Ranma 1/2's
Nabiki Tendo and P-chan

Nabiki here is a character from the popular Ranma 1/2 anime series wherein male Ranma transforms into a female Ranma when splashed with cold water. Pretty much a side character, I fell in love with Nabiki when in one episode she suggests to her sister Akane (who is engaged to Ranma) that she had countless possibilities in store for her vis a vis Ranma's gender on her wedding night. Akane then says "huh?" and offers a half blush,half clueless expression that is utterly priceless.

P-chan is the little pot-bellied pig, who turns into Ryoga when dosed with water. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, don't feel bad.

The piece itself is regular sculpey over a frame of wire coathangers and aluminum foil. She was sculpted in six pieces (arms, head, hair, legs, upper torso) and took something like six weeks all told and done. The piece has a nice pose, and the folds on the shirt were a blast to sculpt, even though the likeness is a little off. I originally intended to make her a super deformed headliners sort of figure, at six inches tall. Well, when the head came out better (and bigger) than expected, I decided to go ahead and make her full sized. She stands right around 18 inches tall. Gi-huge-ant.