Get ready, love will leave you cryin'
It's gonna hurt you till your heart is dyin'
Can't escape it, ain't no use in tryin'
You're no exception, love will leave you cryin' too
Till you're a broken man, poor you!
----------------------Sonia, "Tenchi Muyo!" theme from Tenchi Universe

Holy crap, it's
Slap Happy North's sixth scratchbuilt statue
From Tenchi Muyo!,
Super-Deformed Crying Mihoshi

This piece is something of a departure from my other works in that it features neither violence nor sex--but heck, nobody can be a complete degenerate on a full-time basis. Occaisionally one has to take a break for political dissodence, eating a Hostess Twinkie, or building something cute. So I built something cute.

If you don't know who Mihoshi is, there is almost certainly something wrong with you as a human being and you probably need to talk to someone in your clergy or a spiritual advisor of some sort. Mihoshi is a Galaxy Police officer from the anime series Tenchi Muyo, Tenchi Universe, Tenchi in Tokyo, and Tenchi's House of Back Door Lovin'. She's a total ditz, generally bursts into tears at the slightest sign of difficulty, and likes to sleep a lot. She's the sort of person who, in real life, most of us would like to push out a window. But since she's a kawaii cartoon character, all these traits are instead endearing.

I initially saw the above image attached to an Ebay auction for a resin kit upon which it was based. I loved the image, but there weren't any pics of the kit itself, so I placed a fairly small bid. Of course I lost, because Ebay is an unfeeling, uncaring juggernaut of a monopoly that I suspect is run by the French anyway. So I decided to build my own.

Construction: Mihoshi was built in pieces, as opposed to all at once like some of my other sculpts, and this is definitely the way I'll go in the future for a whole host of reasons. Each component is a wire and aluminum foil core, covered with Sculpey, then finished with Super Sculpey/Sculpey III. The smallest tendrils of hair are actually pieces of old paintbrushes, heated, and curled. Sculpey would have been too brittle for something so small and unsupported. The figure was painted by hand, then airbrushed, then blended with oils, and finally sealed with dullcoat. Tears are courtesy of Krylon Triple Thick Pottery Glaze. The base was stained blue and sealed with Krylon. The ribbon was picked up at the Hobby Lobby in a very disturbing episode that left two clerks positive that I am a transvestite.

But I'm not.