Mad Thinker here is my first Marvel Legends-style figure since I took a break from building five years ago. I wasn't really eager to revisit super-heroes at this point, my interests having shifted and the state of the art having moved on without me. I had, though, wanted to do the FWOOSH Secret Santa exchange since I found out about it way back when. The list of characters my recipient selected was all Marvel characters, so Mad Thinker here is what I went with on the build. He's a deceptively difficult character despite the simplicity of his design because there's not a great base figure to work from, so a lot of sculpting is called for. I only found a handful of other attempts at the character when I searched. The character also seems to have varied a lot over the years in terms of design nuances--some modern iterations feature a turtle-neck sweatshirt, which I loathe. I went with the most classic design I found, which was jumpsuit with no gloves, collar, or belt, and then added a head that I thought had the classic Toybiz Marvel Legends personality. I like for mad scientists to have a slight hunch, so I built a new, lower neck joint using a Lego ball & socket.  Head and legs: Toybiz Legendary Heroes Stryker.  Hair: DCUC Ka-zar.  Upper body and arms: ML Vengeance.  Fists: DCUC Superman. Hope the recipient likes it!

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Added November 29, 2015

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