Poor, poor Iron Spidey. Hardly the worst costume Spidey has ever worn, but historically plagued by the fact
that it comes from the godawful Civil War period. "Look everybody! I, Peter Parker, am
really Spider-man! I looooove Tony Stark. C'mere, Tony...*sucky, sucky*... Oh Tony..."

Uh...anyway, Spidey was an idiot when he wore this costume, and
I point the finger at Joe Queseda, but that's a whole other seething discussion. As I said, it's
not a bad design, but it's never been properly handled. While it was being published, the way the costume was colored
made me think it was red and WHITE until one of the characters in the book said otherwise.

Then I saw the Hasbro figure.

Uhmm...yeah. Color composition not great.

Long story short, I repainted him with black airbrushed shadows
and gold highlights to cover the bizare jaundice yellow color.

Here's mine...