Slaphappy North Presents
The Incredible Hulk
vs The Deadly Gamma Roach Hive!

The Horizon Hulk: one way or another, this is a kit I always knew Iíd end up building. With exceptional musculature, veining, and an expression dripping vehemence, this sculpt is among the absolute best vinyl the early 90ís had to offer and stands up very well even today. Clearly Iím not the only person who thinks so, because everybody and their brother has built one of these. Iíd estimate thereís somewhere in the neighborhood of one billion castings in circulation (based upon scientific data pulled from thin air), and therein lies the challenge with the piece. How do you keep your Horizon Hulk from looking like everyone elseís Horizon Hulk?

Answer? Cooties!

Incorporated into this kit are five dozen roaches of various types, each painted in gamma irradiated colors and glued to the main figure one at a time. The base is a section of Styrofoam coated with Elmerís Wood Putty (to simulate concrete texture). Wood screws were embedded to simulate rebar. I used some kitty litter to add surface details to the stone, but wouldnít recommend the idea. Litter is clay, rather than gravel, and too soft. I ended up removing as much of that as I could.

The Hulk kit itself I picked up in a large lot of painted kits from ebay. I stripped the existing paintjob (which was pretty bad) and resculpted the shredded cloth material around the waist and pant legs. Painted him with airbrushed acrylics and oils.

Another concept piece, which took forever to finish, but was much fun.