Gwen Stacy, the dream girl, the one that got away. Since I started reading comics in the 80's, Gwen has always been more of an abstract concept than an actual character. Truth to tell, I actually intended to make Mary Jane when I started this figure, but Gwen's classic color-scheme looked more interesting, so I veered away from my original plan. The trick to doing a civilian character is in using the most iconic referrence material--in this case, it was Romita all the way. I also wanted to find a referrence picture that featured an outfit that while true to the character, was not the outfit she got killed in. I see customs of Gwen in that outfit from time to time, and have to say they depress me. Might as well call her "Funeral Shroud Gwen, with Neck Snappin' Action!". I found the picture of Gwen with Spidey that you see on this page, and decided on that outfit. Very happy with how she turned out.

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