I wish that you were my lollipop
Sweet things, I will never get enough
If you show me to the sugar tree
Will you give me a sodapop for free?
+++++++++ ---Aqua, Candyman

So yeah, it's Rei again. What can I say? If you look at Japan, over 99% of all the anime kits produced in the country are naked Rei's. And the other 1%? Also naked Rei's. It is, in fact, the backbone of the Japanese economy, along with tofu, Sanrio exports, and the Bible, which is there known as "Happy God Fun Book".

(The preceeding sentence may in fact be a lie. However, please note that you did not visit this page for an education on international GDPs, but rather to look at resin breasts. Complaints should be sent to the webmaster, who will promptly ignore all correspondence.)

Anyway, this kit is a fairly understated nude. The base is a glass candle plate, the fabric was cut out of an old wall scroll and added for visual interest. I was thinking banana/blue raspberry for the popsickle and hair colors. I'm happier than I expected to be with the result.