Lindberg 1914 Mercedes Racer in 1/16 Scale
"Shifter Knob" from Jimmy Flintstone for the head- (I suspect it was cast from a vinyl doll?)
Bamboo Cutting Board
Wall Sections from a Marvel Legends Figure
Road Section is foam core board with Rustoleum Texture Paint
Thing comes from an Action Figure
Tire Skulls from Halloween Party Favors
Bat Hood Ornament and Tombstone from Aurora Monster Customizing Kits
Fester's Hands from an Action Figure
Fester's Body from Aves Apoxy
Rope from a Cat Food Bag
Horn is a Mechanical Pencil Top and Aves
Batwings/Car Fins from KISS Figure
A 6" piece of 5/16 threaded rod supports the Head
Nameplate from Headless Fritz
and lots of time, glue, and paint!

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