Vanilla Ice, 16 bit Nintendo, and the mullet. I know I loved the early 90's. And what better way to express that love--you know, that special love between a man and a decade that the religious right is always trying to condemn because it doesn't fit their predefined notions of coupling--than to create an homage to one of the characters who epitomized those years. Darkhawk! One of the 6 new titles Marvel introduced that year, along with Spider-man, Robocop, New Warriors, and some other crap, Darkhawk lasted for 50 pulse-pounding issues. Seems like he showed up in New Warriors for a bit towards the end, then made his most recent appearance in that godawful Warmachine series from Marvel MAX. Hmm, I guess he kind of sucks, now that I think about it. But ain't that costume pretty?