It's Sixties Retro one more time!
A Weird-Oh from Hawk Model Co.

Slowly working my way through the Weird-oh's collection from Hawk, this time around it's "Daddy", probably one of the better known of Campbell's designs due to the kit's commonality and the number of re-issues. My kit is another of the Testor's reissues from the early 90's, and because I can never just build a kit straight, it's got some substantial changes. The body of the main figure has been lengthened, and I used a Wrinkle-texture paint to give Daddy's suit some more visual interest. I also returned to using faux fur for hair on this kit, because it's just not the 60's if your kit is clean-shaven.

Any Weird-oh's kit needs a little extra work to really sell the scene, so for the Daddy diorama I wanted to have him driving through an office. The cubicle wall is made from a sheet of wood, foam sheet, and styrene I-channel. The poster was downloaded from The wastebasket was made from expanded metal, bent to shape, and then glued to the top of a google eye. The pens, penholder, desk cushion I got from a set of generic doll office furnature. The skull ornament was taken from a cheap Halloween ring. The papers were created on my PC, wrapped around an ink pen so they would curl, and glued in place to create the illusion of floating in the air. The steering wheel I got from a Johnny Lightening Batmobile.