Such order in the midst of chaos makes me woozy and disoriented.
---Alice, American McGee's Alice

Having perhaps gone too far this time,
Slap Happy North presents scratchbuild project number seven

I love dark fairy tales. As a kid, I revelled in the frightening world depicted in Return to Oz, watching the tape several times a month. As an adult, I've sought out comics such as Nightmares & Fairy Tales (Slave Labor), Fables (DC), and Oz Squad (Too many Publishers to list). Something about the idea of revisiting a fantasy world where things have gone horribly wrong just strikes a chord with me. The fantastic that becomes familiar that then becomes unfamiliar. So for me, American McGee's Alice was nothing short of a wet dream.

What is it? For those unfamiliar, Alice is a computer game released by EA Games about two years or so ago wherein the title character from the Lewis Carrol books causes her family to be burned alive in a house fire. Naturally, this results in poor Alice, who, let's face it, wasn't the most stable little girl at the recital anyway, taking an extended vacation in her local sanitarium. Well, it doesn't take long for the white rabbit to show up again and drag our girl Alice kicking and screaming back into the hellish nightmare that Wonderland has now become. And while there, Alice kills things. Lots of things.

I really wanted a 3-D representation of Alice, but the action figure just didn't do it for me. It's not a terrible figure, but it just didn't capture the fact that Alice is a very sick kid, nor was it a very dynamic piece. And it didn't capture my favorite aspects from the various Alice designs such as...

The in-game character...

The box art?

This piece also features a new technique I've developed for simulating blood. Nice and wet and splattery! You'll also notice that it drips from the edge of the Vorpal Blade. Snicker-snack.