Slinter-matic Battle Ratbot!
...and the BRAIN!


The Ratbot exists because I've always found Beast Machines Rattrap a gangly, oversized mess of a
figure, but I just couldn't bring myself to throw it away.  The tragedy of BM Rattrap was that
despite being an ugly as sin figure of a bad design from a terrible show that ruined all the
characters I loved in Beast Wars, there were lots of good parts to the figure and it was made
of good materials.  I fully disassembled BM RT and reconfigured the parts.  I used a torso from a Mattel dinosaur
figure as the new main body, making it a smaller figure in scale with TMNT.  Then parts, parts, parts!  A little at a time
over the course of almost a year.  Using Brain as the driver wasn't my initial concept--you'll note the driver is swappable via magnets with the
spring/gear assembly that lives on the tail.  Paint is metallic laquer, I wanted colors to complement classic Metalhead.


Parts Parts Parts!  Partial List:
BM Rattrap, Mattel Dino Torso, Happy Meal Brain, ML Mandroid Arm Gun, Bebop Drill Gun,
TF Generations Wheeljack Guns, TF Classics Powerdive Gun, Lego joints, Model Car and Spaceship Parts,
Spawn Interlink Hoses, MU Spider-man Belt, Sight from Animal Planet Rifle



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Added July 06, 2016