The Turtle Reaper
I was just going to paint
Playmates Mystic Turtles Donatello's parts black and call it a day, but that still looked too plain.  Maybe because the Mystic Turtles started off utterly devoid of color, I wanted the issue OVER-corrected.  I started adding parts, and then pallette swapped some red in, then added more parts.  Then I started listening to metal, and then I hung chain on it.  And Voila, I invented Spawn!

Wait, no, that was somebody else.  My figure, I called Turtle Reaper.  Here it is...



Parts List: Mystic Donnie w/ neck lengthened, MOTUC Grizzlor axe, Claybourne Moore Lady Death sword,
Marvel Legends Black Cat claw whip, ML Black Panther cape heated and re-formed , Jolly Rodger (car model) skull,
ML Kraven pouch, chain, and lead added to the hollow feet.


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Added June 26, 2016