With twenty plus years in this hobby,  there've been periods where my life's focus
kept me from painting all the little men I would have liked.  In 2011, I moved across
country for my career.  A LOT happened during the folowing four years--harrowing stories of adventure and misery
I don't care to relate.  Returning to the hobby was my dream during those years.  In spring 2015, I finally got back to my desk.
I made this Krang thing here.

Returning to the hobby, I wanted to do something different than the Marvel Legends I'd done in the past--
I wanted to build something
random, original, and unconstrained
.  I was collecting TMNT and thought, almost no one does OT-style Turtle customs.   I settled on the idea that Krang
had grown himself an organic body, and off I went to make a new 1990's era Turtle figure.


The base figure is a Playmates First Appearance Leo, resculpted head to foot.  The head and tentacle hands are from an OT Krang, because I wanted to
keep the classic look and build from it.  New neck joint from Transformers Construct Bots set. The backpack/life support
unit was cut from a ML Mojo BAF piece, as were the bulbs on the shoulder pads.  Shoulder pads themselves were cut down from Lego Bionicle parts. 
 Hoses from McFarlane toys. (Yes, I still have McFarlane kibble in my bins.)  Laser pistol came from a NeoShifter
build set.  Robot tentacle is from a MU Octo-Spidey figure of some kind.  The big gun is maybe from a early 2000s Lego
type set?  I forget what it was.  Also, a few Gundam parts and some RCA cables are in there.



Added December 21, 2015

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