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A'roight then:  Marvel Legends-scale Dreadnok Torch. 
Torch was either
 my first or second GI Joe when I was a kid.  I bought him (and later Outback)
 because he had a beard, which reminded me of my dad.
My dad wasn't an Australian biker per se, but that's kid-think for you.




  Torch Parts List:

Head: ML Kraven above the beard; DCUC Hawkman's mouth and chin below the beard
Upper Torso and Arms: ML Kraven
Forearms: ML Sentry
Hands: MS Movie Captain America
Vest: ML X-men 3 Beast; Movie Masters Bruce Wayne web-gear
Legs, Belt, and Lower Torso: ML Captain America
Boots: ML Ghost Rider and Captain America
Gun and Knife Holsters: ML Scourge
Sidearm: MS Captain America

Knife: ML Scourge

Torch Weapon: Animal Planet rifle; LCBH SuperPatriot arm gun; ML Black Cat whip; Magic The Gathering fig's flame sphere
Arm Flame accessory: Unknown, probably some ML Human Torch?

Backpack: Animal Planet weapon sprue; vehicle parts from a BigLots military jeep; tank from
a generic diver figure I bought at KB Toys in the late 90's; miscellaneous bits; chain!



Added Nov 05, 2016

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