Alpine is the figure I built for the 2016 Fwoosh "Unofficial" Custom Figure Summer Swap. 
Scroll down for my build notes, WIP shot, and recipe.





My goal with modern customs is to avoid painting joints whenever possible by trying to swap parts and match colors. 
Marvel Legends bodies make this more doable than it was in the past.  Alpine uses:

Head and Shouler Pads: TB Marvel Legends War Machine
Upper Torso and Arms: TB ML Loki.
Legs and Various Pouches: Hasbro ML Kraven
Feets: TB ML Cyclops
Bracers: Hasbro ML Hope Summers
Hands: Unknown
Black Chain and Rope: Wal-mart Crafts/Jewelry Section
Grapple: Hasbro Billy Club + Four Teeth from an Electric Razor Attachment
Googles: Carved from a Cartridge Razor Holder
Various Pouches: DCUC Kazar
Zipline Accessory: GIJoe ROC 3.75 Figure


Added June 26, 2016

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