What you've found here is the expanded version of my entry into the 7th Biannual Customcon Event. The concept behind the event is that everyone customizes their own line of like figures, and then the toys are displayed over the course of a week in much the same way that Toy Fair is covered.

Read the Interview

The figure line itself stretches the boundaries of good taste, but the original version of the copy describing the line never had a prayer of making it onto somebody else's family-friendly site. Fortunately, it's not a problem here.

Read the Copy That was Too Saucy for the Customcon!

Read the Completely Different "Tame Write-Up".

See the Pictures

Harley Quinn--Hammered!
Harley was the first figure in the line, and inspired the rest.

Shower Fresh Poison Ivy
Let's just say that this figure takes on a whole new life depending on the angle from which it's viewed.

Toasted Supergirl
One of my favorites.

Sans shirt and cape.

Mary Jane Watson Parker
MaryJane wearing Peter's Spidey Shirt. I tried to hide the fact that the original figure's eyes are crooked by having the figure wink, but I don't think it worked as well as it could have.